Tuesday, November 27, 2007

8. Eve And Asherah Shared The Title: "The Mother Of All Living"
Numerous scholars have pointed out that the author of the Eden narrative was trying to make some kind of a connection between Eve and Asherah. Both are often portrayed nude with a snake. Both were known by the title "The Mother of All Living." Even their names are similar. Another name of Asherah in the first millenium BC was Chawat, Hawah in Hebrew (Eve in English). Her full title was "Rabat Chawat Elat", Great Lady Eve the Goddess, and was associated with the serpent. Thus, Chawah/Eve was probably a form of Asherah in her guise as a Serpent Goddess.

As a snake goddess, she was also represented by bronze serpent forms, examples of which have been found in archaeological excavations in the Levant. In fact the Nehush-tan, literally the Bronze Serpent which in traditional Jewish myth is associated with Moses, is much more likely an emblem of Asherah. It too was removed from the Jerusalem temple the same time as the "asherah objects," during the reign of Hezekiah. [From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eve (Bible), Main article: Adam and Eve, Name and Origin.]